Upcoming Events at Blazing Paddles 

Ratings Event

In honor of Mike Pittman and John Gibbens, we will hold a ratings event in either late August or early September.


If you do not have a rating or wish to try to improve your rating, this will be the time and place to do it.


We will set up 6 tables designated for this event. At each table there will be one of our members who is already rated. You will play a two-out-of-three-game match with each of them. After everyone has played all six rated members, we will collect those results and submit them to Ratings Central to get you a rating.


This rating will be valid for entry into whatever tournaments you choose in the future.


Please let me know if you are interested in participating. The number of participants will help determine how much time and space will be needed to do this.


There will be no charge for this event. However, we will be taking donations in the names of Mike and John, more later as to how we will use these funds.


We'll possibly offer a free lunch.