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Check here for updates on return to the Bob Keefer Center - Good news: Today, Friday the 4th of June, I found out that BP can now return to the BKC. However it will be limited due to their start up problems. Stay tuned. On Monday I'll be able to let you know our starting schedule. _______________________________________________________ We are now scheduled for play at the Keefer Center on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30 to noon. We'll be on that schedule until the Keefer Center acquires enough staff to reopen on evenings and weekends. In the meantime we will continue to play at Sundance as scheduled. __________________________________________________________________________ NO play on Monday the 21st June at the BK. We will be there instead on Tuesday the 22nd - same time - 9:30 to noon. No changes at Sundance. _______________________________________________________________ June 30th - all Covid restrictions lifted! Finally. Are you now ready to return? We'll be at the Keefer Center this week - thru July 4th - on Friday the 2nd. We'll be there starting at 9:30 am and going on to noon. Come C us! _______________________________________________________________________ During the week of July 12th through July 16th we will have sessions on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 to noon. C U There ! ____________________________________________________________________________________ Aug. 2nd. We have changed our schedule at the Keefer Center to Thursday mornings only. 9:30 to noon. Play at Sundance remains the same. Need more info? Call me. Dave

From Bob Ozwoeld

I'm very sad to learn of Mike's passing. He was one of the nicest guys I have ever known.

From Grace Fowler

Mike's passing saddens us all deeply. He was a wonderful person and we will miss him greatly. It has been hard not seeing our friends and now learning that we won't get to enjoy Mike's company when we return hurts even more. I'm not good with words, but you get the idea of what I'm saying.

From Jennifer, Kris and Dave

Let us give thanks to Jennifer for the flower and gift arrangement that was delivered to the hospital by Dave. Also thanks to Kris for bringing in fresh flowers from her garden.

From Kevin Murphy

Mike is gone taking with him like everyone does a lifetime of unknown private hopes and dreams and fears and experiences, and leaving behind him a like most people do a thin trace of himself in his living relatives and friends. So he hopes that they would bear their burdens with grace and good humor, and he was comforted in his final moments by the knowledge that so far they had, and probably always would.

From Larry Benedick

I am so bummed about Mikey. I had heard he was hospitalized 3 weeks ago so I sent him an email. He did send a reply, but obviously did not expect this outcome. I want to return to the club and grieve with my ping pong family.

From Ron Vincent, Eugene TT Club

Dear ETTC members, guests, and friends: It is with much sadness that I was given word that Mike Pittman of the Blazing Paddles club has passed away. Those of us who have played and practiced at the events at Blazing Paddles remember his big friendly smile and engaging personality. Known for his wonderfully effective backhand, I had once called the “Pitt maneuver” when playing him. Our condolences to his family and extended table tennis family & friends. He will be sorely missed.

From Todd Crump

I am still in shock and am heartbroken over the loss of our dear friend. I had grown close with Mike in the months before the pandemic and more so in the last year as our small group kept up the BP tradition. I always looked forward to seeing him a couple times a week and having conversations about many aspects of life. I considered him a friend and not merely an acquaintance. It seems it took only about 6 weeks from being short of breath to his passing. I have had a lot of loss in my life and this one is particularly hard. I am finding it hard to comprehend.

Mike Pittman - In Memorium

I will miss Mike so much. I can't believe he's gone. He was such a character and always brought life and laughter to our group. He was always encouraging to everyone that played with him, and he'd always applaud a great shot from his opponents. The shots that he would make were awesome and always kept you on your toes. I will miss his flair for the game. He was the ultimate sportsman and a great human being. Bye, bye, Mikey. You will always live in our hearts. Long Live Cheap Chicken Mondays!

Pic of Flower and Gift Arrangement

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