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Responsibilities and Code of Conduct for Administrators, Board members, Coaches, and Players

Our club members are fortunate to belong to a table tennis organization that promotes friendship, tolerance, and fun.  To insure that those standards are maintained, all of our members and visitors are asked to abide by our Blazing Paddles Code of Conduct.  Please take a minute to read through these rules.  Thank you.

Code of Conduct

  • Be a positive role model for everyone to include members, staff, and spectators.


  • Be fair, considerate and honest with all staff and club members.


  • Be impartial, courteous, respectful and open to discussion and interaction.


  • Set a positive example for all persons involved in the sport and encourage them to exercise a high level of good behavior and sportsmanship.


  • Provide a safe environment for training and competition for all players, with specific care for children and vulnerable adults.


  • Please respect the rights and dignity of all of our members and others involved in the  sport of table tennis. Treat everyone equally regardless of ethnic origin, gender, impairment, religion or sexual orientation.


  • Respect the spirit of fair play and non-violence and behave accordingly.

Unsuitable Behavior

The following list provides examples of actions that would be a breach of this Code of Conduct.


  • Unsportsmanlike behavior


  • Trash talking players, officials, or event organizers (defined as a statement or behavior intended to denigrate and/or intimidate another person).


  • Creating a public disturbance or acting in a way that becomes a public nuisance.


  • Causing damage to another person’s property or equipment.


  • Harassment, sexual, verbal, or otherwise.

Breach Procedures

Any person who becomes aware of an action that may be reasonably considered to be a breach of this Code of Conduct must contact any Board member. Currently the active board members are Dave Combs, Mike Pittman, Kevin Murphy, Larry Benedick, and Tom Mitchell. Provide all of the relevant details concerning the action.  Once Dave has been informed of the described breach the board will meet and discuss the alleged infraction and hear testimonies from involved parties and any witnesses. Once we feel that we have the complete story we will discuss the issue and determine how best to resolve or defuse the situation. Any disciplinary action required will be Dave’s decision.  Repeat offenses will not be tolerated.

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